Forest Park Mountain Biking

Portland, Oregon

Although Oregon has some fantastic mountain biking, Portland is terribly lacking of any decent rides. Many Portlanders get their riding Jones fixed during the week by popping over to Forest Park. This is nothing but fireroad, but nevertheless it is riding, and a beautiful area. A few years ago, there was a webpage called Coghead Corner that did a great job of describing some of the trails. Its gone now, but I'll attempt to provide some details.

Download a riding map from Friends of Forest Park
Note:If you use a compass, take note: Forest Park runs from Northwest to Southeast. Most maps (including the Friends map) appear West to East. Click here for a high-level picture with correct orientation.

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Forest Park Extras

Workout Loops

3D views of couple of loops on the northwest end, which provide some killer climbing opportunities!
(click on the picture)
All the same video (Down Newton & up
the very steep BPA), various formats
11.5MB Windows Media
3.7MB Windows Media

Forest Park Links Friends of Forest Park - I'm linking to their maps above, and they are currently providing maps at the trailhead (I don't know how long that will last). They raise funds to grow the park, and perform several projects to improve the park and trails. Check out their website!

Far Northwest

This is the wild and wooly part of the park, where little-used fire roads become overgrown into singletrack, a few grueling climbs or blazing downhills.


Not quite as steep as the far Northwest section, but still some fair-grunt climbing!


This is the section for cruising and sightseeing. A great section for new or out-of-shape riders.


Leif Erikson disappears into Portland here. Not much else to say!

Far Southeast

There is a thick maze of hiking trails in the arboretum, but no riding here.