Forest Park Mountain Biking


Firelane 10 - 1.4 miles

Whichever way you ride it, firelane 10 is a fast downhill followed by a steep climb. It starts in the Newton Road parking lot, heads north, then back south to intersect with Germantown Road (just uphill from the Leif Erikson parking lot). Its steepest starting at the Germantown end. This makes for a nice loop with Springville

Trailhead in the Newton Rd
parking lot

Trailhead on Germantown

Springville Road - .7 mile

This is a moderatly tough climb from Leif Erikson to Skyline, but not as difficult as anything in the far north end of the park. There is ample parking just off Skyline - the entrance is easy to miss, though. It is marked as "Old Springville Road", and is just north of (paved) Springville Road (that descends into Beaverton). At the trailhead, firelane 7 veers off to the right for some killer downhill singletrack, but the "Friends of Forest Park" map show it as off-limits to bikes (though it isn't marked). Use your own judgement on that one; I can't advise breaking the rules. Quote of the Trail: Other Rider: "Where you headed?" Me: "Up Springville" Other rider "oh, crap!"

Trailhead near Skyline

Intersection on Leif Erikson