Portland Digital TV Towers

Find your longitude and latitude in
then compare to the
locations shown to the right.

If you know your location, you can
use the map below for a rough estimate.

Keep in mind there may be hills
between you and the towers that will
block the signal.

* HDTV on first sub-channel
** 480p on second sub-channel

Station Digital/Virtual Channel NAD27 Coordinates WGS84/NAD83 Coordinates
KATU*43/245° 30' 57.80", -122° 44' 3.100"45.5160°N, -122.7342°W
KWBP*33/3245° 30' 58.00", -122° 43' 58.00"45.5161°N, -122.7328°W
KOIN*40/645° 30' 58.00", -122° 43' 58.00"45.5161°N, -122.7327°W
KGW*46/845° 31' 21.00", -122° 44' 45.00" 45.5225°N, -122.7458°W
OPB*27/1045° 31' 21.00", -122° 44' 45.00" 45.5225°N, -122.7458°W
KPDX48/4845° 31' 22.00", -122° 45' 7.000" 45.5228°N, -122.7519°W
KNMT45/4545 ° 30' 58.00", -122° 43' 56.00"45.5159°N, -122.7334°W

Note: These are all UHF stations. Rabbit ears might work if the towers are close by, but they're not designed for UHF. Use a UHF antenna,preferably a UHF-only antenna unless you also want to pick up analog stations. Unless you're very close to them, you can use a directional UHF antenna for the best result. Good ones are the Silver Sensor (indoor) and Channelmaster or Winegard (outdoor). If you're really close to the towers, you might need to do something to weaken the signal as it could be bouncing off hills and buildings.

PortlaNd, Oregon DTV Towers
Overview Map