I grew up in several places, but mostly rural Kansas. I've lived just outside of Portland, Oregon more than any place in my life. I'm currently retired and looking forward to a little travel.

Migraines have stopped me from mountain biking, so I spend my free time reading and listening to music.


Pronounced "oak sook" can write it however you like in English (it's not an English name). Oksuk is a farm girl from South Korea, who came to America in the mid-80s.

Oksuk enjoys planting & (especially) trimming the trees & plants in the yard, and interacting with other Korean-Americans on the web.


Nicole is now living in Irvine, California (LA Area) and working as a software engineer.


Coco is the new kid on the block, another American Eskimo. A lot more rambunctious than Milo, but super sweet to Mom!

In Memorium - Milo

Milo was with us for a little over 16 years, and passed away on October 2, 2012. He was a good, good, friend and is sorely missed.
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