I grew up in several places, but mostly rural Kansas. I've lived just outside of Portland, Oregon more than any place in my life. I'm currently working in computer networking at Intel. It's really nice to be at that point where I'm doing what I like in a company that I like in a place that I like.

Migraines have stopped me from mountain biking, so I spend my free time reading and listening to music.


Pronounced "oak sook" can write it however you like in English (it's not an English name). Oksuk is a farm girl from South Korea, who came to America in the mid-80s.

Oksuk enjoys planting & (especially) trimming the trees & plants in the yard, and interacting with other Korean-Americans on the web.


Nicole graduated from Oregon State in 2011 and is now living in Austin, Texas.


Coco is the new kid on the block, another American Eskimo. A lot more rambunctious than Milo, but super sweet to Mom!

In Memorium - Milo

Milo was with us for a little over 16 years, and passed away on October 2, 2012. He was a good, good, friend and is sorely missed.
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